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28 February


“July” has already been shown on the European and Russian stages. The play became popular in England after its reading at the National Shakespeare Theater. Ivan Vyrypaev was recognized as the best playwright of Germany for this text.

The main character of this story tries to find salvation from his personal calamity. The play is performed by one actress. She reads a monologue of a brutal maniac who is admitted to a psychiatric hospital from his village. A nurse takes care of him there, giving birth to an intimate spiritual relationship between them, with the main character promising to connect her with the meaning of life, God and Truth.

The main character of this work is the text itself, where the eerie plot is described in an almost poetic manner. The music is performed live on stage by original composer.

Cast: Jordan Frye

Musician: Jacek Jedrasik

Director: Ivan Vyrypaev

Costume / Costume Designer: Katarzyna Levinsk

Age restriction: 18+

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

28 February 2020
New York, Baryshnikov Arts Center