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04 June

Rezo: A Movie

Rezo is an amazing autobiographical animated documentary by Georgian director Leo Gabriadze, who previously made the horror film Unfriended, that tells the story of Rezo Gabriadze, an acclaimed artist, screenwriter, brilliant storyteller, the founder of his own puppet theatre in Tbilisi, and Leo’s father.

Throughout the years Rezo told these incredible life-stories about himself, his native town of Kutaisi, postwar hopes, many eccentric and original Georgians to a small audience of close friends and family members, but now they transformed into a passionate and charming animated film with Rezo’s own drawings. “I dreamed of making this film for more than 25 years. It is very personal to me”, says Leo.

“For many years I enjoyed listening to my father’s childhood stories, they were always full of laughter and tears, and love. Sometimes it was hard to understand what was true and what was surreal, but it wasn’t even necessary because he so masterfully depicted his own world and the people in it, all of it was so touching. These stories were never written down, and I wanted to share them with a wider audience. To record them on video was the only way to go”.

Rezo is the first documentary production of the famous Russian studio Bazelevs, founded by Timur Bekmambetov (best known for Night Watch, Ben-Hur, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter).

04 June
Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv Museum of Art