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20, 21 February

The Drunks, Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater

Staged by Andrey Moguchiy, the Bolshoi Drama Theatre’s production is based on a play by the famous theater director and playwright of the new generation, Ivan Vyrypaev.

The Drunks is a philosophical comedy about the search for truth. This is a show is about being able to live fearlessly, love, forgive, and change ourselves and the world around us. Take the quote from Omar Khayyam’s poem as an epigraph: “All that you see is only one appearance, Only the form — and the essence is not visible to anyone. Do not try to understand the meaning of these pictures, Sit quietly on the side and drink wine”

Andrey Moguchiy, artistic director of the Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater: “According to Sufi symbolism, drunks are seekers of the truth, and wine is the flow of higher revelation. The ancient Sufis believed that in the usual state, the person is limited to the domain of humanity and is asleep or even dead to the spiritual world. The highest aspect is spiritual love and intoxication can elevate a person above the level of humanity and be a metaphor for enlightenment, a feeling of the true course of life, an instant miracle. The main topic of the play is love. During the one night the characters are going through miraculous transformations. Everyone has a chance to change their life, that’s what the show is about.”

20 February 2020
Tel Aviv, Habima Theater
21 February 2020
Tel Aviv, Habima Theater