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07 March

“Our Alla”, concert dedicated to Alla Pugacheva

Say: “Our Alla” to anyone from five to one hundred and five years old, and they will understand who you are talking about.

Alla Pugacheva.

Whether we like it or not, she is always with us, in us, about us. Alla Pugacheva is the whole Country. With all its changes and twists, extremes and revelations, ups and downs. For all of us, there is only one Alla, our Alla. And each of us has their own Alla.

This concert is a dedication. It features famous and unknown songs from Alla Pugacheva’s 70-80s repertoire with new interpretations and unexpected musical arrangements. We sing these songs the way we hear them, feel them and understand them today.  Out of hundreds of songs in Pugacheva’s repertoire, we have chosen our favourites.

Mart festival is a multi-genre festival in Tel Aviv that showcases the diverse and exciting landscape of contemporary Russian culture. The festival’s founder, Mart project, which promotes the contemporary Russian culture in London, New York and Tel Aviv, has brought together in one program all the most important things in the Russian-speaking culture today.

Theatre, opera, ballet, contemporary dance, music, film screenings, parties, and lectures — in the spring of 2020 Tel Aviv will be at the heart of contemporary Russian culture.

07 March 2020
Tel Aviv, Gesher Theatre